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Minimum Vendor Spends

Minimum Vendor Spends

We have minimum spends for each vendor/brand we distribute on loadout, this means to place an order that includes for example; C.K Tools, you will need to hit the minimum spend for that brand (See Below) to be able to complete your order. 

If you haven't met the minimum spend for a vendor, the checkout button will not work.

We made the decision to implement these thresholds because we currently dropship all of our stock, with each vendor individually fulfilling orders.

If a customer buys items from several vendors on loadout, we incur carriage costs from all of them, yet we only charge a flat rate of £5.99, The minimum spends simply ensure that carriage is covered on all orders containing multiple vendors, and we don't operate at a loss.

With these thresholds in place, we can keep our prices competitive, offer better discounts/sales and focus on bringing you quality tools and even better content.

As loadout develops and grows we intend to slowly accumulate stock until we are no longer drop shipping and can fulfil all orders ourselves, bringing our shipping times down, shipping costs down and removing minimum vendor spends.

We hope this doesn't deter people shopping at loadout, and should only affect smaller orders from multiple vendors.

Here are the minimum spends of each vendor:


Minimum spend

Boddingtons Electrical


C.K Tools


Veto Pro Pac


Klein & SuperRod ( Can be shared across brands)






IDEAL Industries  £0


- If you want items from multiple vendors minimum spends will need to be met for all of them.

For any further questions about our drop shipping guide or minimum spends, please email us at enquires@loadout.shop.

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