Hardware reviews are back online at loadout.shop!

Hardware reviews are back online at loadout.shop!

We've recently added product reviews back to the website after some previous compatability issues. At loadout we value the tradespeople that we serve, and reviews are a great way of helping you guys make informed purchase decisions and ensure your selecting the right tool for the job.

Review requests are automatically sent to your inbox after a purchase is made, and we really appreciate you guys taking a couple of minutes to give us your honest opinion on the product and service you recieve.

Once a review is submitted they end up on the product pages which allows the next operator to have some insight before commiting, in the trade we know how important it is to look after the guys coming in after us, at loadout we keep that same attitude when it comes to suppling tools and equipment.

Hardware reviews are back online at loadout.shop!

You can also write reviews for products that dont have any by taping the "0 Operator Reviews" and then taping the "Be the first to write a review" button.

PRO TIP - Add photos or videos to your reviews for a discount! Adding a photo will secure you 5% off your next order, and a video review will give you 10%!

We are commited to making loadout the best place to discover, configure and secure your loadout, if you have any feedback drop us a comment below and we will be sure to get back to you!

Stay frosty

- Team loadout

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